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The customer is the reason any organization exists

Whether your customer is the consumer, the internal customer or the business customer, he/she deserves and expects quite some attention, great products and an impeccable service.

Our experts created 4 programs to attract and retain customers:



Trusted advisor

Convincing customers to buy from you is not an easy process and is influenced by many internal and external factors. Just telling them to do so like in traditional sales techniques, is not going to work. It is value & trust they are looking for.

Living up to your promises is the key to earn this trust and thus the key to success. Therefore, salesman have to take the role of a trusted advisor.

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Sales plan on one page

“Sales is like sailing. Without a plan, you are getting nowhere”

Behind every success story is a plan, a plan that supports your targets and goals and is supported by the entire team. Putting together such a plan isn’t however an easy sail.

Therefore, Business Markers will be your co-captain. Together with your sales team we develop a one-page sales plan that gives a clear, focused and to-the-point overview of your business development. This plan will make sure your team goes full steam ahead.

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Smarketing is more than just a story about a smart collaboration between sales and marketing. It is a cultural change, where sales and marketing are truly joining forces to generate business in the most effective way.

The Smarketing program at Business Markers is quite comprehensive and goes from conceptual design over tools and training.

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Value Proposition

Trends come and go, this is true in fashion as much as in business. And let’s face it nobody wants to lack behind or called outdated. Customers and clients expect you to be on top of all these new topics. To find and match what it is your customers need and how you can satisfy them, it is essential you define your company’s value proposition and keep it updated.

Drawing out this definition is a job not to be taken lightly and to get you there we offer tools & workshops to find out what it is exactly that drives your customers to buy your product, what is your value added that differentiate your company form the mass.

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