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Business Development

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Business Development

Finding new customers to bring business growth…

Often considered as business growth and finding new customers, we see that business development has gone through a (r)evolutions over the past decade. As part of strategy plans, growing the business and new customer acquisition is at the forefront of every sales department. However, we consider business development as an attitude of client intimacy and for all departments.

Value telling as important part of the sales process

Whether you are a customer success manager, sales professional, sales manager or account manager it is no longer the product or service that is crucial, it is what value you bring to the customer’s meeting table. You are considered to inspire and advice your customer, preferably soon in the sales cycle. At the epiphany moment when new clients start thinking about how to solve their challenges, you will be top of mind if you have brought the the right inspiration dosis to the DMU.

How to get there?

To gain trust and build a valuable customer relationship we help, assist and guide you throughout the sales process by giving you insights in how clients think and act before getting in contact with their possible future suppliers. Our sessions, workshops and tools are fine-tuned to your needs and brought in an interactive and easy to understand way. We integrate new techniques and behaviors in your team to ensure long term benefits. Via roleplay with actor’s involvement, video recordings, group activities, personal presentations and continuous feedback, we make your team the trusted advisors your clients value.

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