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Bart Bols

A short summary of what you can find on Bart's CV:
  • Bart is a dynamic, technical sales professional, with more than 20 years’ experience in commercial management, business strategy & development.
  • Managing Partner at Business Markers
  • Sales & Marketing Director at Eribel (Doors & More)
  • Sales Manager at Maxon Motor Benelux (High Precision Motors)


Bart prefers to work for SME company’s, family owned businesses. As a “maximizer” he focuses on strengths to achieve personal and team excellence. Together we transform something strong into something superb. Committed to define a clear strategy, Bart drives (sales) organizations towards increased results and achievements.

His expertise

What's typical about Bart?

Less discussion, more action, delivering sustainable results. Always looking for new opportunities and experiences. Quality to be valued as much as quantity. Balance and self-care are important values for him. Fan of yoga, ayurveda and meditation practices. He enjoys skiing, exploratory travel, a good glass of wine and a good conversation with best friends.

What can Bart mean for you?

Excellence is the result of hard work, top quality products, valuable customers & engaged people. Bart creates efficient & effective organizations by defining a clear strategy. Firstly he will develop a strong action plan, more importantly he will make sure agreed action points are being implemented and followed-up. Bart focuses on strengths and empowers trust for (sales) managers, entrepreneurs and co-creative teams. Clear direction, empathy, co-creation, pragmatic approach & fun are Bart’s main drivers. Personal leadership is the result.

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