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Patrick Rombouts

A short summary of what you can find on Patrick's CV:
  • Over 35 years of commercial and general management roles in renown national and international companies
  • Guided merger, change, growth and efficiency processes for companies like Allied Domecq, Diageo, Pioneer and Hasbro
  • Proven track record of growth successes, in his last role 8 years of double-digit growth
  • Member of several advisory boards
  • Career coach for entrepreneurs
  • Partner of Business Markers


Today Patrick is bundling his vast expertise and experience to the benefit of dynamic and ethical entrepreneurs and their businesses including non-profit organizations. He is guiding them in defining their business purpose, supporting them of building a business plan, adjusting their organizational structure and processes & procedures accordingly. He does that in a co-creation with the business leaders and their teams to make himself superfluous in the shortest time possible.

His expertise:

  • Change management
  • Commercial business strategy
  • Team management
  • Growth and efficiency management

What's typical about Patrick?

Patrick is an enthusiastic and result oriented guy, aiming to get the best out of business leaders and their businesses. In his private time, he is juggling his time between his wife, kids, granddaughters and being outside in nature. Either playing on the golf court, doing long walks with his 2 dogs or riding his ATR bicycle.

What can Patrick mean for you?

Patrick guides business leaders and their teams through their growth trajectory. Starting from business purpose, defining, and translating this into a strong commercial strategy. To then adjusting your organisational structures and processes and get everything implemented in a tailored and pragmatic manner.

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