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Ruben Notteboom

A short summary of what you can find on Ruben's CV:
  • Ruben is a dynamic and hands-on Operations professional, with more than 20 years’ experience in production, operations and plant management.
  • Plant Manager at IG Watteeuw International nv Oostkamp 
  • Production, Operations, and Business Unit Manager at IG Watteeuw International nv Oostkamp
  • Project Manager Railway Business IG Watteeuw International nv Czech Republic

Today Ruben works on the implementation of 5S-projects and execution of 5S audits. He guides, executes and communicates strategy plans with the focus on Operational Excellence. This includes Workplace organization, process management, project management, business transformation and involving people. 

His expertise:

What's typical about Ruben?

Ruben is a flexible and pragmatic manager who feels good at all levels of different types of companies. 

Ruben has a passion about everything concerning World War II and feels like a fish in the water at the kitchen stove.

What can Ruben mean for you?

Ruben knows to approach and seamlessly connect strategy, tactics and operationally in a hands-on way.

Together with the customer and by using efficient tools and powerful models, he will identify pain points, draw up solution plans and finally execute them with selected teams.

Ruben believes strongly in TEAM (Together Everybody Achieves More) to achieve overall targets and results.

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