Generating Demand & Managing Leads

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Smarketing: Generating Demand & Managing Leads

The essence of Smarketing is to generating demand en managing leads. It aims at driving decision makers to a solid engagement on the consumption of your products/services. Demand generation is the perfect marriage of marketing and sales programs and efforts. There are several actions to take in a demand generation process, from the identification of your prospect/customer, over the value proposition to deciding on the how to bring a message via a specific touchpoint.

This poster guides you through the key steps. Before completing this poster, you should consider to draft the Passport of your organization. In addition to this poster, we recommend you to draft Sellogram Deal Makers as well. Key success factor of Smarketing is the collaboration between marketing and sales. Traditionally both departments have the same target when it comes to lead management. Usually marketing is more involved in generating and nurturing leads. Sales is then taking care of the conversion. In a Smarketing setup, both departments are more intertwined and assist each other in the full (automated) management and conversion of leads in to actual business.


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