E2: Effective and Efficient collaboration

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E2: Effective and Efficient

Communication Boost Camps

With our “Communication Boost Camps”, we give small & intensive sessions to boost the impact in daily communication, presentations or any type of collaboration. Since nothing is more boring and inefficient than listening for hours to presentation after presentation, Business Markers keeps it interesting and adds a splash of fun, a touch of humor and lots of joy into our workshops.  Research shows that this kind of hands-on minds-on learning produces a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the world and its possibilities. By bringing the most important stakeholders together and building dialogue, new solutions for existing problems are created.

Your daily energy boost (and it's not coffee)

To ensure this optimal communication amongst colleagues, we emphasize on energy rather than hours. Energy is defined as the capacity of work, whereas hours are limited, energy is not.  Energy can be renewed and boosted by implementing the right techniques. Employees can recharge themselves with fresh energy by becoming aware of their potential sources of energy, install new behaviors and use this all for their benefit.

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