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Business model & Innovation

Times are changing, the globalization of the market, dominance of the internet and customers who are more and more vocal about their needs, wants and preferences impact the daily operations of any business. These trends challenge the traditional business models, which no longer have an added value. Therefore businesses have to dare to ask the question: ‘Is my business model still relevant in today’s context?’. To make sure you never doubt when answering this question we offer you Business Markers Canvas: straightforward, to the point and practical tools and models to enhance business model exercises based on market and business intelligence and profound insights.
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Strategic Planning

A strong plan is of essential importance for every company, big or small. Research has shown that organisations who know where they want to go and set out a plan on how to get there, are more successful. However a lot of people end up without a strong plan, for millions of reasons. Number 1? Not enough time to make a strategic plan. Or there is a plan, though it is more like a big strategy book. At Business Markers we believe in the 1-1-1 principle1 team1% of your time1 page. We say that if you invest 1% of your time to sit together as 1 team to make a comprehensive 1 paged plan, you will be a successful organisation.

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Strategy & Communication

The story doesn’t stop with just writing a strategic plan. This actually is the start of your journey to success and growth. A major element in accomplishing your goals is the overall support of your employees. So to get there, there are several roadblocks to avoid. Following questions help you to take these into account while building your strategic story.

  • Do all employees know the strategic plan?
  • Do all employees understand the strategic plan?
  • Do all employees believe and support the strategic plan?
  • Are all employees inspired/empowered by the strategic plan?
  • Are all employees incentivized/encouraged to carry out (parts of) the strategic plan?
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Strategy Execution

The last step in the strategy-process is to execute and implement the plans made. Although planning is essential the executions takes up 80% of the success rate. At Business Markers we know this importance and have therefore integrated this execution part in our models. This enables you to keep track of all the actions planned. By doing this, your strategic plan will not just be a beautiful paper on the wall but a real roadmap that guides you to your objective and the completion of your goals.

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