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Francis Delecluse

A short summary of what you can find on Francis’ CV:

  • Innovation Director at The Coca-Cola  Company;
  • Business Development by developing and spreading the love for sustainable business innovations for Coca-Cola;
  • Pragmatic and Optimistic leader of Change across many functions internationally;
  • Digitally knowledgeable as a former Business Systems Director;
  • Passionate about Sustainable leadership;
  • Expert in Stage Gate implementation and execution;
  • Positive Team builder – getting the best out of people.
  • Motivational Speaker on Innovation Process Management on multiple events

Today :

With 25+ years of expertise in a multi-national cross-functional environment performing roles in change leadership, innovation management and entrepreneurial sustainable business development, Francis is helping companies today with their challenges for sustainable growth. By using the broad set of tools developed by Business Markers, he helps companies to see new opportunities and support their needs for change as they evolve to a better future.

Francis is very open minded and thinks out-of-the-box across industries but has gained most of his experience in FMCG, QSR, Leisure, AT Work – channels .

Francis Delecluse


Business Development

Change Management


Project Management

Strategic Plan


Project Charter: Simply Execute Strategy Tool

What’s typical about Francis :

Francis is a very approachable and sociable leader who is happily spreading his passion for his projects. Loves engaging and motivating people to turn every challenge into an opportunity ! Always tries to build teams combining each others’ best talents to make a team stronger than the sum of its individuals.

In his spare time Francis loves playing sports – preferably with a racquet – badminton, tennis, …-, is a starting golf player (every beginning is hard !), enjoys good food in good company,  attending theatre shows, loves travelling to new places in the world and spending quality time with his family.

What can Francis mean for you ?

Francis can help you think creatively and out of the box, - after listening to your challenges - he can be your perfect sparring partner, take away your stress-points and help your business across your current challenges. Francis can be your leader of change (nationally or internationally). He will do this by developing strategy for change, building strong teams, forging engagement, managing stakeholders in a creative Inspirational way but above all ‘deliver and making it stick’.

Further, Francis is passionate about creating a culture and spirit for innovation into the business and about developing business sustainably. Loves building effective teams, getting the best out of people’s talents. Considering every challenge an opportunity to contribute to a better happier future. Would love to help companies expand their business in Belgium or across Europe.

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