We make you³ grow by charging the batteries of your sales for tomorrow

Wednesday October 7

9 a.m., 12 p.m., 4h30 p.m. 

Everyone has and makes plans, both business and private. And yet more often than not we don't realize our plans. This is because many plans are simply not good or concrete enough. However, we know very well that successful sales & business development starts with a supported and well thought-out plan. In this webinar you will learn how to make a powerful and targeted sales plan that does work. The Batteries of Sales is a powerful tool for this to realize your sales ambitions. This model helps you to assess the crucial building blocks of successful sales responsibilities to make, keep and grow customers and to energize where needed. We will give you the insights on how to fix the basics of your business plan and how to make strong progress for yourself, your team and your organization.

9u Nederlands
12h English
16u30 Nederlands 

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Speaker: Erwin Roels

Organizations can rely on Erwin’s expertise to develop skills related to general & business development management. Both on longer term assignments as on workshop related short term Erwin manages to reach long lasting results with teams. Creating business opportunities is a difficult job nowadays. While teaching the right focus and creativity, Erwin will bring value to organizations’ growth. 

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Speaker: Bart Bols

Bart creates efficient & effective organizations by defining a clear strategy. Firstly he will develop a strong action plan, more importantly he will make sure agreed action points are being implemented and followed-up. Bart focuses on strengths and empowers trust for (sales)managers, entrepreneurs and co-creative teams. Clear direction, empathy, co-creation, pragmatic approach are Bart’s main drivers.

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