Niels Chabot

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Niels Chabot

A short summary of what you can find on Niels' CV:

  • Local & International business experience within International organizations
  • Commercial Lead at Meta (Facebook)
  • EMEA Marketing Director at Energizer, driving regional growth and product development
  • Public Speaker & Guest Lecturer at Global Business Schools
  • Mentor
  • Entrepreneur and investor


Niels guides organizations in business transformation and growth strategies, with a special focus on leveraging technology and AI to drive innovation, differentiation and efficiency. His extensive experience in tech-driven and disruptive industries enables him to create and implement strategic visions that deliver significant revenue growth and market share gains. Niels excels in harnessing data-driven insights to optimize performance and fostering a people-centric culture to achieve sustainable results. He is also a sought-after speaker, guest lecturer, and mentor, sharing his expertise to inspire and empower others.


What's typical about Niels?

Niels is known for his high energy, curiosity, and ambitious nature. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, often over good food and wine. Niels is curious and eager to learn. He’s passionate about exploring diverse cultures through travel and loves wildlife photography. As a change catalyst, he thrives in fast-paced environments and is always looking to make a difference and impact. His deep interest in technology and its potential to transform businesses is a defining characteristic.

What can Niels mean for you?

Niels can help transform your business by identifying opportunities and challenges, crafting inspiring visions, and driving change with a strategic and innovative approach. His passion for technology and AI allows him to identify approaches or opportunities that add significant value to businesses. Niels is result-oriented and excels at simplifying complex challenges, fostering collaboration, and ensuring lasting impact. With a proven track record in business transformation and growth, Niels is well-equipped to support your organization in achieving its ambitious goals.

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