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We make you grow

We make you grow, together

You, your team and your organization

We make you³ grow, together

you your team your organization

In today’s rapidly changing world, we are confronted with waves of information, short term commitments and quick decisions.Our behavior and business methods are transforming significantly.

Ambitious organizations understand they need experienced guides to grow faster and to get ready for the future.

Let us be your guide during any stage!

Absolute aanrader om uw ambities te vertalen in concrete doelstellingen en indicatoren. En dat op slechts één A3!

Tanja Mattheus

Adjunct Algemeen Directeur Herentals


Al tijdens de voorbereiding bleek hoe snel Erwin inzicht had in de activiteiten, cultuur en waarden van CLB Group. Onze medewerkers waren laaiend enthousiast!

Peter Van Nuffel

Verkoopdirecteur CLB Group

CLB Group Logo

Het is me tijdens de sessies met Business Markers duidelijk geworden dat een externe partij meer kan blootleggen in je bedrijf dan dan je zelf kan.

Ingrid Nys

CEO (Coach En Ondernemer)

NOA Academy logo

Door het OGSM kunnen we doelstellingen en acties op een heldere wijze aan alle VLAIO-collega's voorstellen. Deskundige begeleiding van Business Markers!

Daniel Verlé

Directeur Relatiebeheer Ondernemingen VLAIO


We can warmly recommend Business Markers. Of course, you need an open mind on the part of the executives, but a partner with the necessary know-how and many years of relevant experience is also crucial. And we found it at Business Markers!

Ester Blockx

Marketing and Sales Director Technopolis


The business tools and frameworks they use are powerful, concise and lived-through. Their approach is very holistic.

Johan Van de Slycke

Sales Director Guylian


Business Markers brought us back to the essence, helped us sharpen our objectives and translate them into an achievable action plan.

Sophie Jonckheere

Former Marketing Director Standaard Boekhandel Club

Standaard Boekhandel Club

Together with the Business Markers Team, led by Frithjof, we have built a plan for our expansion activities in the DACH region. We used the OGSM framework, hence defining a clear objective linked to well defined goals, strategies and measures. The professionalism of the Business Markers team combined with a large portion of energy has been inspiring for our company.

Tomasz Dziki

Vice President and co-founder Britenet


In our search for an organisational structure that best supported our strategy, we were looking for a partner who could guide us in a pragmatic way. Our expectations were high and we were not disappointed. I am a big fan.

Xavier Biermez

CEO Konica Minolta / Aurelium Belgium Netherlands

Konica Minolta

In the run-up to the formulation of a new policy plan, it was enlightening and inspiring to bring together the strategic insights of our directors, with Bob's help, into a clear and concise concrete plan with clear objectives and allocated ownership.

Joost Maegerman

Managing Director, Antwerp Symphony Orchestra

Antwerp Symphony Orchestra

Ides and Bob really helped us sharpen our strategic focus. Their contribution to our project is inspiring and supporting, while they remain a challenger to keep us on track. A top experience!

Isabelle Van Iseghem

CFO Randstad Holding


"As Commercial Development Director, I worked on 2 major projects with the team of Business Markers:
Design principles for futureproof way of working of my team, Roles/ Responsibilities/ Optimal processes to improve collaboration with our franchise partner The Coca Cola Company."

Frank Penne

Commercial Development Director Coca-Cola


"I would like to thank Valérie and Jean-Louis from Business Markers for their support. They managed to jumped in no time to understand and challenge us in an assertive, yet caring way. They adapted their approach to our evolving needs as we were right in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis. The impact on the team is already visible. Thanks both!"

Nathalie Pfaff

Country Manager Danone EDP Belgium


Our solutions and expertise focuses on:

Valuable Customers

Enroll • Enable • Engage

Executional Excellence

Process • Produce • Perform

Engaged People

Inform • Inspire • Involve

Actionable Strategy

Making • Telling • Doing

We are an atypical advice & implementation company

We are a passionate team of experienced experts. A group of talented professionals with more than 20 years of experience in different sectors and a proven track-record. We help managers, directors or entrepreneurs to create the future together, to make clear choices and implement the right culture and tools to grow. 

We aim at designing and building the future together with our customers. As an experienced guide, we can bring you to any destination imaginable.

Business Markers CARES

We love our jobWe love our customers. We are eager to see them grow with great leaps. Our services are a means to achieve that higher goal with pleasure. With and for our customers. 

We provide tools to make you grow

We have developed more than 50 CARES-solutions. They are built to challenge you and your organization, they are pragmatic and lead effectively to actions to achieve results efficiently. These smart methodologies that are simple, easy to use and effective, take away your business pains. The large toolbox is based on over 400 years of business experience. All these tools are co-creative and make us stronger together. Check out some tools here and feel free to challenge us. 

How we do it

We help our customer through:

  1. Setting up or participating in boards
  2. Leading strategic planning and coaching executives
  3. Steering projects in sales-marketing-HR-Operational excellence, coaching individuals or teams and train the people

We also realise your plans through:

  1. Temporary reinforcement (individuals or complete team)
  2. Implementation services: Business Markers Connect, Business Markers Research and Business Markers Talents

We go beyond training

Training is not the end goal, changing habits and improved performance is. Our experts with more than 15-20 years of experience do not just train, they steer the participants to solutions. We recommend a long term training approach to make change happen. Be inspired by our training programs covering our 4 domains: actionable strategy, engaged people, sales and marketing excellence, operational excellence.

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