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Making you grow, together

Nice To Meet You!

Business Markers provides Actionable Strategy, Engaged People, Sales and Marketing Excellence and Project Excellence to public and private clients spanning multiple industries ranging from FMCG to retail & banking, from technology & ICT to fashion & culture, in B2B and B2C environments. Business Markers serves more than 100 companies through a connected network of Partners, Associate Partners, Managers & Consultants in Europe, bringing world-class capabilities, insights and high-quality services to address client’s business challenges.


Not Your Ordinary Consultancy Firm

We are a unique consulting firm because of our co-creative and pragmatic approach. We do not only bring answers and solutions, but learn companies how to find the right answers themselves for future challenges and opportunities. Our mission? To make ourselves superfluous as soon as possible!

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Meet Our Team

Business Markers has a team of experts who join their forces, knowledge and experience to help our clients in all their challenges.

Meet Our Team

Because Business Markers cares

The reason our clients chose for us? Because Business Markers CARES. Our values are how we do things. We are Challenging, Action oriented, Result driven, Experience and Stronger together. These values are what we promise to the client and where we as a team stand by.


We are challenging, up to confronting. Groundbreaking: we dare to challenge our clients and ourselves. We're not afraid to be different. We have an entrepreneurial spirit that we share with our clients and partners.



We are not your traditional consulting agency. We are atypical. We are more dynamic, more energetic, sharper, faster and above all have more field experience for the same or lower price. We are full of energy and pass this on. Our energy, enthusiasm and drive guarantees we truly go those extra miles for our customer.

Result Oriented


We are result-oriented and keep the destination in mind. We put the customer on the right track. Your goal is central and the you will feel it! We want the best result for you. We have powerful tools and various facilitating exercises to reach this goal. This way we build results in a short time.


We give you the Business Markers experience: we bring a touch of joy and pleasure to all serious things. It can be seriously fun. We enthuse, motivate and inspire. We connect people and results. Occasionally with an angle.

Stronger Together


We do not make plans for, but with our customer, in co-creation. We work
together as a team. We are complementary. By building together, we make everyone stronger and smarter: ourselves, our company, our customer. We grow together ... and celebrate our successes.

Where can you find us?


Naastveldstraat 156
9160 Lokeren


Bolkerstraße 56
40213 Düsseldorf