Our story

Making you grow, together

Our story

Business Markers is a cooperative of experienced managers who in 2016 joined their forces by the incentive of Ides Ticket & Christophe Sintubin. Our roots lay in strategy formation, people and organization, customer experience and digital transformation. Quickly we grew to a team of 20 enthusiastic man and woman who bring together years of experience and tools in different sectors, disciplines and company types. We’re bound by our team spirit and individual motivation to help, support and guide businesses in their growth process by sharing our knowledge, tools and experience.


Our customers

Why do our clients chose Business Markers? Results! We deliver what we promise. We’re most successful with SMEs and local departments of big companies. We’ve been able to save companies in financial trouble, launch new companies with triple digit growth and enable double-digit growth for well known companies. Recently we worked together with Brussels Airport, an important retail business, a big consultancy firm, a digital start-up and a fair amount of big retailers in Belgium.

Our dream

In this fast changing world, business leaders get confronted by an abundance of information and the need to make fast decisions. Many companies are in a daily rush to complete their tasks however most of them never find the time to make well considered decisions. Therefore time spent on the creation of strategic plans and their implementation is rare. We therefore take the time to reflect and guide you through future trends and challenges. We expose your pain points and draw together plans to solve your challenges, so you and your team can settle any other future challenges. We’re here for all organizations and companies who are willing to grow and realize that in order to achieve this you have to surround yourself by experienced people with the right tools.

Join our story

Entrepreneurship is an integral part of the Business Markers DNA. We are a cooperative, a collective team, so our Partners are also shareholders. Thanks to our ecosystem of complementary experts with all 20 plus years of real-life experience, we make the difference. There are no ordinary consultants at Business Markers, only experienced entrepreneurs who provide leadership to the clients, entrepreneurs with vision, experience and pragmatic tools. If you are triggered by our story and our approach, contact us!

Less than 20 years of experience? Our clients ask us regularly for interesting professionals for sales, marketing or digital positions. Are you interested in these job offers, send us a message, your CV and … see you soon in our offices