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In today’s rapidly changing world, we are confronted with waves of information, short term commitments and quick decisions. Our behavior and business methods are transforming significantly.

Growing organizations understand they need an experienced guide to further evolve, to discover new opportunities and to anticipate challenges and get ready for the future.

Let us be your guide.



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Friday 13 March 2020 Business Markers organizes an amazing afterwork party. We do this to support Het Vlaamse Kruis. Click below to get your tickets! 


We provide leadership to make you grow

Business Markers is a doctor-architect for growth-hacking companies. We are a passionate team of experienced experts. A group of talented professionals with more than 20 years of experience in different sectors and a proven track-record. We help managers, directors or entrepreneurs to create the future together, to make clear choices and implement the right culture and tools to grow. 

We aim at designing and building the future together with our customers. As an experienced guide, we can bring you to any destination imaginable.

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We provide tools to make you grow

We have developed more than 50 CARES-solutions. They are built to challenge you and your organisation, they are pragmatic and lead effectively to actions to achieve results efficiently. These smart methodologies that are simple, easy to use and effective, take away your business pains. The large toolbox is based on over 400 years of business experience. All these tools are co-creative and make us stronger together. Check out some tools here and feel free to challenge us. 

Our Tools

We provide our customers leadership

Our goals is to deliver the best services to our clients. We not only aim at results but also keep in mind the experience. We want happy customers walking out of the meeting room. Inspired, engaged and motivated to take action. We are very proud to be working with a wide range of customers and happy that we've earned their trust to choose for Business Markers as their guide on their growth path.

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We do NOT train people

We do not believe that offering a one or two day training is effective. Trainings like this do not result in real job transfer. Our goal is not to train but to insure better performance. Therefore we create a training track in 8 steps that integrates our training alphabet tailored to the needs of your team. 

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Working with us