We Provide Training

Making you grow, together.

We Provide Training

Did you know that ...

"Not more than 6 to 10% of training, results in transfer to the job"

Painful, isn't it? Our approach is simple: Training is not the end-goal, performance is! We do not just provide training. We provide Leadership.

How do we do it?
We develop successful training plans. We start by defining the right Training Alphabet for your company: ABCDEFG:

        • Actors
        • Business Goals
        • Context
        • Definitions
        • Efforts
        • Framework & Facilitators
        • Go 2 Performance

      Our training alphabet is integrated in our 8 step approach.


      Our 3 core training beliefs

      1. Exposure & Experience

      Real training does not happen through education in the class room, it happens through exposure and experience. Therefore we develop 4 different types of training.

      Training session
      Role play, exercises, cases ...

      Literature, homework, preparation

      Technology based
      Learning Platform, App ...

      Coaching, workplace sessions, manager involvement ...

      Participant reactions
      Likings, top 3 learnings

      Actual learning
      role play, case study, exercises

      Post training behaviors
      Observations OTJ, feedback managers

      Business results
      Achieve desired, smart business goals

      2. Evaluation linked to business goals

      A training should not be evaluated based on like or not like of the participants. Evaluation should be linked to the business goals, the reason why you invest. We use 4 levels of evaluation to make training successsful

      3. Training program linked to individual needs

      Training is linked to individual needs. There can be collective needs, though not everybody should follow the same training together. We believe in an 12 to 18 months training program, including manager involvement, assessment and progress measurement, on the job experiences, mix of different training modules and a graduation final, ideally linked to business goals.


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