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Operational Excellence

All sectors will be impacted by the digital revolution. The choice is: embrace or respond defensively. In the second case, you lose. Sooner or later.” This statement by Alexander De Croo, Belgium’s Minister of Digital Agenda, sums up how entrepreneurs or CXO’s can deal with the permanent “digital” challenges they’re confronted with. The art is in redirecting our state of mind from ‘challenge’ to ‘advantage’ or ‘opportunity’, we know this is easier said than done. A perfect example is stated in this article's title: “Boycott the self-scan cash registers, they are the death for the cashiers!". The opposite is Amazon Go, where you no longer have a cash register experience in the store, and where the sum of everything you take out of the rack automatically is deducted from your bank account. The big difference between these two cases is that Amazon does not start from a technological or rationalization process, but from a strategic exercise and dares to question all established principles. Only in this way you can build a potentially revolutionary model that can stand with new technologies as a means, and not as a goal.

Digital transformations probably also occur in your sector.

Instead of undergoing all these digital transformations, you better take action yourself to be more customer-oriented, efficient and innovative. Therefore, we supply you with the right tools and workshops to realize this mind-switch and build a plan based on insights from both technology and market environment. So together we create opportunities.

The B.O.C.C approach

At Business Markers we use and teach the B.O.C.C approach:

  • Build a sustainable Business Model looking further then just your strengths and weaknesses
  • Digitalize your Operation processes
  • Take Communication and collaboration to the next level with the newest tools
  • Customer experience, do you serve your customers to meet their needs, or even better surpass them?

In short this method learns you to embrace new technologies by seeing the opportunities and re-addressing your strategic plan on that basis. To get you there we help so you see technologies as a mean, a catalyst and not a goal, because the aim will always be to create a well-considered strategic plan that is future-proof to strengthen your competitive position.

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