Every first Wednesday of the month

Every first Wednesday of the month a webinar is given by one of our experts. There are three sessions a day: in the morning (9 a.m.), at noon (12 p.m.) or late afternoon session (5 p.m.). Each session consist of 45 minutes presentation and 15 minutes to ask questions.


December 2

We make you³ grow by engaging your employees more structurally

We often talk about "Employee Engagement", but many managers mix up sympathetic initiatives (like a fruit basket or a soccer table) with long term structural levers. Business Markers developed a simple and straightforward model that gives you the building blocks to increase the engagement of your people on the long term. Every building block comes with some pragmatic tips & tricks so you can easily turn into action. 
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November 4

We make you³ grow your export business

Do you want to conquer the world? Not without an export plan!
For most SMEs the Belgian market is too small. With the European common market and globalization, export has become easier. But don't be misled; export has a tremendous impact on your business! There will be serious challenges for you, for your colleagues and for your partners. During this webinar we will explain our clear and pragmatic Export Model, and guide you through the export plan building exercise in four steps: Why, What, How and Execution. It helps you to focus, avoid pitfalls and accelerate measurable success. We include some useful tips & tricks based on 20 years of global export experience.

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October 7

We make you³ grow by charging the batteries of your sales for tomorrow

Everyone has and makes plans, both business and private. And yet more often than not we don't realize our plans. This is because many plans are simply not good or concrete enough. However, we know very well that successful sales & business development starts with a supported and well thought-out plan. In this webinar you will learn how to make a powerful and targeted sales plan that does work. The Batteries of Sales is a powerful tool for this to realize your sales ambitions. This model helps you to assess the crucial building blocks of successful sales responsibilities to make, keep and grow customers and to energize where needed. We will give you the insights on how to fix the basics of your business plan and how to make strong progress for yourself, your team and your organization.

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September 2

We make you³ grow with a step-by-step approach to improve Customer Experience

Customer experience is hot, and is key if you want to attract more customers. Nowadays, everybody is talking about how they aim to become more customer centric. But the truth is that only a minority of organizations really knows how to tackle their approach to CX. In this webinar, you’ll discover how to meet changing customer expectations by adopting a step-by-step approach to building an effective and company-wide CX strategy.  Adapted to the CX maturity of your company, whether you are just starting to think of it, or looking to move from excellence to champion.
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July 1

We make you³ grow by building a plan on one page

100% of our audience finds a good business plan important. But… if we ask who has a good business plan that leads from vision to action and that is actually deployed, a maximum of 20% confirms. This will change. Expert Ides Ticket will explain you a method that works. The method is called OGSM. OGSM is a plan on 1 page that leads from vision to action. It connects ambitions to actions. It helps to make strong plans and execute them. Because it is nice to have dreams or plans, but coming up with good plans and realizing them is much more enjoyable. 

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