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Wednesday July 1st

9 a.m., 12 p.m., 5 p.m. 

100% of our audience finds a good business plan important. But… if we ask who has a good business plan that leads from vision to action and that is actually deployed, a maximum of 20% confirms. This will change. Expert Ides Ticket will explain you a method that works. The method is called OGSM. OGSM is a plan on 1 page that leads from vision to action. It connects ambitions to actions. It helps to make strong plans and execute them. Because it is nice to have dreams or plans, but coming up with good plans and realizing them is much more enjoyable. 

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Speaker: Ides Ticket

  • Brand management at Procter&Gamble
  • Marketing Manager & Business Development Director at Coca-Cola Benelux
  • General Manager at MTV Networks
  • Consultant at Vlerick
  • Guest lecturer at various colleges & member of various advisory boards
  • Co-founder & Managing partner of Business Markers
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