We make you³ grow with zero marketing budget

Wednesday February 3

9 a.m., 12 p.m., 5 p.m. 

Companies spent a lot of money in marketing. On average 30% is pure waste. Even worse, the other 70% is often a similar message as competitors and looses effect. Why are we doing this? How can we do it better? 

Experience the power of a strong brand and what it means for you and your company. Discover how simple it is to bring a brand alive without marketing budget. 

During this webinar, you will discover how a good company can become a strong brand from the inside out. Through ghost riding (or: by driving on the wrong lane). You will be interactively inspired by Ides Ticket & Lucia Soetens. Customers who experienced this are Technopolis, Tobania, TVH, Barbecook, Fun, Standaard boekhandel, ...  .  The down to earth approach of Lucia and Ides makes it a rewarding webinar for everybody in marketing and business. Participation is free, return is high. 

Make your own team and people the biggest ambassadors of a unique brand. 

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Speaker: Lucia Soetens

Lucia has a warm and enthusiastic personality who encourages you to think in options & solutions. She is a strong communicator who will get the best out of you & your team in a co-creative way.

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Speaker: Ides Ticket

Ides can challenge the business -up to confronting the team with the current status-, he is action and result-oriented and a believer in the “stronger together”-principle. 

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