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A value proposition is traditionally described as ‘an analysis or statement of the combination of goods and services offered by a company to its customers in exchange for payment’. In essence, it’s the answer to the question ‘what value will you bring to the customer?' After all, that is why a customer feels the need to buy from you.


If your value proposition has been defined once, it is probably not often updated. However, there is a good reason why you should review it more regularly. The pace at which the market changes is increasing and the expectations of your customers are on the rise. In addition the profile of the person that buys your product or service, the so-called buyer persona, can change. Compared to several years ago, buyers in B2B nowadays rarely take decisions alone. As such, you need to show the value to each profile in the unit of decision makers. In the consumer market, we notice that buyer profiles have become smarter and new buyer types have appeared: e.g. the eco-buyer for which value is not necessarily represented by measurable elements like cold hard cash.

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Our expert team has developed a straightforward methodology to create and maintain this value proposition, as well as models that help you define the most relevant value:  e.g. customer profiling, segmentation, etc.

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