Marketing Excellence Framework

Marketing Excellence Framework

Marketing Excellence Framework

Marketing is a belief, not a department. Marketing focuses on the science of working your customer to ultimately drive business results. This by truly understanding your customer, putting him/her central in your organization & operations, and creating value for them.

Since it’s such an essential part of your business strategy, you need to strategically organize for it. That’s why we present marketing strategy as a 12 pieces puzzle in which everything comes together. Excellence in marketing is an end-to-end game, which can be reached by laying the 4 cornerstones first; involving the whole company, embedding marketing into your corporate strategy, start from deep analysis and put in place a governance process.  To then focus on the 8 remaining pieces (8 P’s) that form the 3 construction layers of marketing:

  • how to recruit our customers (proposition, product, place, promo)
  • how to create value for them (price)
  • and how to retain them (physical evidence, people, process)

The Marketing Excellence Framework helps to define the strengths of your organization in relation to those 12 puzzle pieces, and allows to assess potential for growth on other elements. After which solutions and models are offered behind every piece of the puzzle.

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