Grow in new territories as cheap* as you can (*economical)

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Grow in new territories as cheap* as you can (*economical)

This webinar was recorded on March 3, 2021

Companies spend a lot of money, entering new markets. There are many stories of smart companies that incur serious losses when entering unknown territories. It is not risk-free: it costs money and effort. Good preparation is critical for success. Still, the journey abroad will be full of surprises. Many failures can be prevented, or their cost contained, if management approached these initiatives with the right planning and tools.

Let us demonstrate to you, how a Discovery Driven Phased Approach (DDPA) is a powerful methodology for building business in new territories, under resource constraints and uncertainty. Discover how not to spend too much budget upfront by learning as much as you can, as soon as you can, as cheap as you can. So if you have to fail, fail smart and soon.

In this webinar you will learn why conventional planning prevents change and how following a Discovery Driven Phased Approach enables a “grow as it goes”-philosophy. Investments are limited per phase, risks are managed. Rather than trying to force yourself into rigid planning methodologies, Discovery Driven Phased Approach acknowledges that at the start of your expansion, little is known and much is assumed. The Discovery Driven Phased Approach systematically converts assumptions into knowledge.

Participation is free, return is high.

Make your dream come true and set up your new territory teams.

Plan your dream in these 45'.

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Speaker: Frithjof Struye

Frithjof’s focus is on supporting SMEs as well as multinational companies that are willing to invest in growth or transformation to make their organizations future proof. His hands-on approach is based on the combination of long years of experience and the use of pragmatic tools. Furthermore, Frithjof is also a University guest lecturer as well as a member of several advising boards.

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