We make you grow by making Sales & Marketing really work together

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We make you grow by making Sales & Marketing really work together

This webinar was recorded on January 6, 2021

In 8 out of 10 organizations, Sales & Marketing departments work in silos. They are not aligned and therefore work inefficiently. We call this the Marketing & Sales Paradox.

Marketing and Sales should have the same goal, but that is often not the case. They have different interests or are competing for budget. This misalignment leads to missed business opportunities, and ultimately to an underperforming organization. Why would you accept this?

So, solve it now by making sales and marketing work better together. This is called Smarketing. If focuses on 100% alignment, sets clear expectations, and it also questions your current demand and lead generation techniques.

Over the past 10 years, we have implemented Smarketing in various organizations. On average we managed to increase the return of marketing investments by 35%.

Register now for our next monthly (free) webinar: Smarketing, or Why and How you make Sales & Marketing work better together. During this session, we will explain the concept, share experiences and give practical advice.

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Christophe Sintubin
Speaker: Christophe Sintubin

Organizations can call upon Christophe’s expertise to achieve and develop their growth targets. In these times of fierce, global competition and quickly changing digital business processes, concepts such as 1 Page Strategies, Smarketing and Customer Experience can make or break a business. Christophe’s major focus is to drive change while bringing sustainable and profitable growth.

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