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Strategy & Execution

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Strategy & Execution

Time to act

The execution of the strategic plan is what essentially will give you success and growth. The Business Markers Canvas and S-OGSM2 plan do not stop once the plan is written. We offer tools and services to make sure the plan and strategies get started and executed. We furthermore have an easy and hands-on tools to follow-up and evaluate the actions that are taken. Is everything on track and why not? Project management and governance are important in this phase. They are essential for a successful strategic implementation.

Inspire, enable and develop ideas

We often see that our strategic workshops generate a lot of interesting innovative ideas. And to make sure these don’t end up in a drawer of one of the executives, we created the GROS funnel. A unique concept that will map, guide, evaluate and improve the journey of all employees’ ideas.

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Co-founder & Managing Partner

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Managing Partner

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Ides Ticket

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Jille Tabak

Managing Partner

Leonoor Moerman

Associate Partner

Stefan Lameire


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