Solution Battle Cards

Solution Battle Cards

Solution Battle Cards

Solution Battle cards – or Deal Maker Cards – are an essential tool to guide your sales team through the sales process.

Focus on customer satisfaction is key: from preparation of a real solution through the interactions and dialogues with your customer until the closing of a win-win deal. Solution Battle cards provide a logic and consistent frame with compelling, concise and easy to read information. They help the sales and marketing teams to present a valuable solution for a customer and to convincingly prove your competitive advantage over the competition. This poster is a step-by-step guide for your sales & marketing teams to let you earn the right to offer the right solution to your customer. It helps you through the process of doing relevant market research including competitive analyses, defining buyer personas, buyer level of pain, relationship criteria and anticipate possible objections. It also enhances continuous close collaboration both internally as a Smarketing team as well as externally with your customer.

Furthermore, it makes your solution visually attractive and facilitates the training of your sales people. Prior to completion you need Market research, Buyer personas, Competitive analysis and common Sales objections. Next step is to make it visually attractive and train your people. Furthermore, it’s a living document that should be evaluated regularly to ensure that it’s a relevant and useful tool for your sales team.

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