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Bart Bols

A short summary of what you can find on Bart's CV:

  • Bart is a dynamic, technical sales professional, with more than 20 years’ experience in commercial management, business strategy & development.
  • Managing Partner at Business Markers
  • Sales & Marketing Director at Eribel (Doors & More)
  • Sales Manager at Maxon Motor Benelux (High Precision Motors)


Bart prefers to work for SME company’s, family owned businesses. As a “maximizer” he focuses on strengths to achieve personal and team excellence. Together we transform something strong into something superb. Committed to define a clear strategy, Bart drives (sales) organizations towards increased results and achievements.

Bart Bols


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What's typical about Bart?

Less discussion, more action, delivering sustainable results. Always looking for new opportunities and experiences. Quality to be valued as much as quantity. Balance and self-care are important values for him. Fan of yoga, ayurveda and meditation practices. He enjoys skiing, exploratory travel, a good glass of wine and a good conversation with best friends.

What can Bart mean for you?

Excellence is the result of hard work, top quality products, valuable customers & engaged people. Bart creates efficient & effective organizations by defining a clear strategy. Firstly he will develop a strong action plan, more importantly he will make sure agreed action points are being implemented and followed-up. Bart focuses on strengths and empowers trust for (sales) managers, entrepreneurs and co-creative teams. Clear direction, empathy, co-creation, pragmatic approach & fun are Bart’s main drivers. Personal leadership is the result.

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Let's get in touch:

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