How you and your Leadership Team can boost the Employee Engagement of your teams!

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How you and your Leadership Team can boost the Employee Engagement of your teams!

This webinar was recorded on March 16, 2022

Mensen zijn ons grootste kapitaal. Het zijn alleen mensen die uw bedrijf kunnen laten groeien en waarde kunnen creëren. Maar na bijna 2 jaar Covid wordt de arbeidsmarkt van vandaag al 'de grote opzegronde' genoemd en staat de betrokkenheid van werknemers onder druk. Sterke leiders - zoals u - nemen dit serieus omdat u op zoek bent naar bruikbare manieren om medewerkers en teams gemotiveerd en betrokken te houden. De grote opzegronde moet de grote migratie naar uw organisatie worden!

Om u hierbij te helpen heeft Business Markers een rechttoe rechtaan model ontwikkeld met 12 drivers waar u actief mee aan de slag kunt om Employee Engagement structureel te laten groeien op de korte en lange termijn. Tijdens dit webinar nemen we alle bouwstenen door en geven we u pragmatische tips (die u eenvoudig kunt omzetten in actie) en inspireren we u met extra gedachten om in uw langere termijn strategieën te verwerken. Als u menselijk kapitaal serieus neemt, schrijf u dan nu in!


People are our greatest capital. It is only people that can grow your business and drive value. But after almost 2 years of Covid, today's labor market is already referred to as ‘the great resignation’ and employee engagement is under all time pressure. Great leaders - like you - take this seriously as you are in search of actionable ways to keep employees and teams motivated and engaged. The great resignation has to become the great migration into your organization!

To help you with this, Business Markers developed a straightforward model with 12 drivers you can actively work with to structurally grow Employee Engagement in the short and long run. During this webinar we will go through all the building blocks giving you pragmatic tips (that you can easily turn into action) and we'll inspire you with extra thoughts to incorporate into your longer term strategies. If you take human capital seriously, subscribe now!

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Jille Tabak
Speaker: Jille Tabak

After 20 great years of organizational transformation in senior HR roles in a global multinational, Jille decided in 2020 it was time for a change. In spirit of lifelong learning, he followed his passion for leadership development and coaching and went back to University to become executive team coach. Once certified he started his own coaching and HR consulting company but quickly realized ‘you can go fast alone, but if you want to go further and have more impact, you join forces.’ Being inspired by Business Markers’ approaches and the expertise & talent of its partners and consultants he has kickstarted Business Markers Netherlands as Partner and Managing Director in 2022.


Lucia Soetens
Speaker: Lucia Soetens

Today Lucia guides organizations in the development of their Company, Cultural and/or Marketing plans by combining her strategic talent with strong communication skills and a great deal of pragmatism. Her passion is to increase employee engagement in every organization, guiding the implementation of a straightforward model that she developed. Lucia coaches individuals & teams in their process of change, on their way to an even better result.

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