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Employee Engagement

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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is NOT the same as "employee experience" nor is it the same as "job happiness" or "employee satisfaction"... it is perfectly possible to be happy or satisfied in your job without being truly engaged. The difference lies in performance.

We define an engaged employee as someone who can and wants to give the best of themself every day with full dedication and involvement, in function of the goals & values of the company AND who also gets energy and satisfaction from doing so. It is important to explicitly add that win-win balance - it's about giving and receiving energy and that system must be in balance.

The link between Employee Engagement and business results is one of the most researched and also proven links. Gallup, Great Place to work, Top Employer, Glassdoor,… have all investigated the correlation between Employee Engagement and company results: companies with engaged employees do better than their competitors!

However, there is no simple trick to fix Employee Engagement.

That's why Business Markers has developed a simple and straightforward model that shows you the 12 drivers of Employee Engagement.

What can you expect?

We can use this model to analyze your "as is" situation in your team or company and from there onwards we build action plans to structurally grow the Employee Engagement of all employees. We can follow-up with tailor-made programs on each of the 12 drivers, we give workshops, optimize processes or coach/mentor individuals & teams.

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