Inspirational Leadership

Inspirational Leadership

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Inspirational Leadership

All the Partners of Business Markers have been in business operations themselves for a minimum of 15 years. They have been leaders & people managers and they lived and experienced the good & bad examples of leadership.


Out of those experiences, we gathered strong beliefs. These are the cornerstones, the bases of what we think great leadership should be built on. Here we go:

  • Leaders lead from a sense of purpose
  • Leaders put on ‘their own oxygen mask first’ (you are of no use to anyone if your battery is running on empty). Then they help other be at their best
  • Leadership is not persé hierarchical – you can behave as a leader in relation to peers, to stakeholders, to anyone.
  • Your role model is crucial – people follow people – you lead by example, so congruence between what you say and what you do is essential.
  • Leadership is about skills & character – it is what you do but also how you do it.
  • Leaders treat people the way they like to be treated

Based on those beliefs, we have built our own leadership model in which distinguish 3 levels:

  • You – as an individual, as a leader of yourself. It is Your personal mastery
  • You in relation to others – can be your team as team leader, but it is not necessarily hierarchical – it can also be leadership in regard to your peers or in multifunctional teams.
  • You as leader of the organisation - What is your role and influence in the broader organisation. We talk about leadership qualities on a more holistic (mature) level  - with broader effect than just the team, so up to impact on the whole organisation.

On team & organisation level, we split into 3 drivers:

  1. Inspire: is about giving vision  – showing the way and motivate to go there – both on a team and organisational level
  2. Enable: is about the mentorship & coaching, more the people related “soft” skills – both on a team and organisational level
  3. Organise: is about bringing clarity & structure, is the management of the tasks, the projects – both on a team and organisational level

What can you expect?

On each level and driver, we distinguish different leadership qualities. When working with your company, we can assess the maturity of your leadership based on those qualities and then work on a program to further develop the necessary competencies & capabilities, but also to better understand own & other leadership styles.

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Our experts

Here are our experts regarding Inspirational Leadership, do not hesitate to ask them any of your questions!

Jille Tabak

Managing Partner

Lucia Soetens

Managing Partner

Stefan Lameire

Associate Partner

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